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1. What is this Hotdeals24x7.com?

We bring to you the best possible discount offers in the form of coupons on a variety of products and services. It is the favourite hub for the best discounts and offers available in the internet. The site promises you not to dishearten you when you are searching for the best discounts available online.

2. What does 'Hotdeals' mean?

‘Hot’ as we all know is something very attractive and eye-catching and ‘Deals’ signify the availability of the best possible offers at your click. It is one of the smartest websites that reach out to the online generation to cater to their wants.

3. Who's behind Hotdeals24x7.com?

Hotdeals24x7.com is the sister concern of Kolkata24x7.com a unique trilingual (Bengali  English and Hindi) news portal jointly operated with Management partner Nexval inc, which not only delivers latest updates and news regarding politics, current affairs, lifestyle, sports of national, international and state level issues but also focus critical emphasis on readers’ and viewers’ opinion. It’s a complete package where new generation, housewives, students, office goers, Sports lovers all can have their own way to get the best and latest inquiry and entertainment.

4. Where is Hotdeals24x7.com located?

Presently operating in Kolkata but shortly launching in all the major metropolitan cities across the country one can get the facilities associated with Hotdeals24x7.com

How It Works:

1. There's this deal I like. What do I do?

Instead for waiting for the offer to come and knock at your doorstep, which is not possible, make a move by yourself and click "BUY" before the offer expires. Within no time you will find a voucher in your inbox or on your phone.

2. What is a bulk order?

A bulk order enables you to buy a large number of vouchers for a restaurant and use them all at a single table in one go. It is handful for parties and family outings. You can call the help desk to place a bulk order and play the perfect host.

3. Do I need to register to buy the deal?

For us, you are everything. Thus,we would like you to register either at first or on the last page during your payment through your Hotdeals account.

4. Do I need to use the voucher the day I get it?

Not necessary but use it before it expires.

5. Can I gift a voucher to my friend?

Yes! But it is dependent on the deal you have chosen.

6. If I don't use the voucher value in one visit, can I use the remainder

Nope. Either use it or forfeit it.

7. Can I combine the voucher with other schemes?

No. Unless the deal terms and conditions specify otherwise, but that's rare.

8. What if I wish to refund or exchange products or services bought from Hotdeals?

If the product is damaged, you have to inform us within 7 days of availing or receiving it. Damaged goods must be returned in their original packaging with intact product tags. Refund or replacement for goods/merchandise is subject to inspection and checking by our team. Damages due to neglect, improper usage will not be considered and in no way will be replaced or refunded.
9. Can I change my mind after I have bought a deal?

Oops!that would be concern for service provider. Hence, once purchase, no cancellation will be entertained.

10. If, the business for which I bought a deal, shuts down, then what?

We will leave no stones unturned to make sure you get back your money.
11. How can I get my business on Hotdeals?

We welcome you to partner. Please mail us at support@hotdeals24x7.com. We will connect with you.

12. Are there any terms & conditions for buying deals?

Yes, you'll find them under terms and conditions.

13. Are there any "hidden conditions"?

No way! We are transparent on what we commit.

14. If I delete the email with the voucher by mistake!!

Contact us, we will send you another one! Please don’t panic. It is not good for your BP

15. Can I use the SMS with the voucher details?

Definitely! Just show the SMS with voucher details to enjoy your deal. However, there are some merchants who still demand the print of the voucher. We suggest you read the terms of the deal bought by you.

16. I am getting too many deals that are not relevant to me!

Can't I just get stuff I am interested in?

You can always log in to the website and set your preferences through ‘FeedBack’ and we Get what for you.

17. What are my points?

My points can be earned by participating in relevant activities only. Current relevant activities may or may not include: referrals, contest deals.They are subject to change without notice. Any my points earned by you, will get expired within a months time.

For e.g. any my points earned between August 2015 to September 2015

10 my points ≈ INR 1.00



1. What payment options do I have?

You can use your MasterCard/Visa credit cards, all debit cards, and HDFC net banking facility to shop from us.

2. Am I billed as soon as I buy anything at Hotdeals?

Yes, you are charged when you buy a deal.

4. Is Hotdeals safe?

Your credit card number is transmitted by directly to our secure payment gateways. We will not be storing it in our servers.

5. Are there any taxes?

There might be, so please check the terms and conditions before buying it.

6. I bought a deal, but can I cancel it before the deal ends?

Nope. If you bought it, you bought it. If you don't want it, you can always gift


1. How do I contact the customer care team?

Email us at ‘customer@hotdelas24x7.com’ chat or call us at 000000 from Monday to Saturday, 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

2. What is the response time to a member inquiry?

We will not be able to relax before fixing up your problem or lending our ears to you

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